So Who Are We? 

Ruchi ge thakkashtu Uppu (Salt to taste). 

We are that catalyst you add to make your travel search work. 

Ever faced issue in identifying the status of tourist destinations? like, is the temple open? Does the fall has water? Is it closed for local calamity? Did it snow recently?  

Blogs looks old, news doesn’t lead to what you are looking for. 

We have 1000’s of sites and blogs where travelers present the data to community. Some time it will be right and sometimes not. Rarely exaggerations too. 

If your travel plan has to be perfect,  most of the time what you need is small legible information and FROM RIGHT PEOPLE. Most importantly the “Updated” one. FREQUENTLY UPDATED.  

We are here to do that.  

Still here? Go ahead and search the destination where you will be travelling. If we don’t have, Tweet us the place name. We get in touch with related tourism board, at least to support future travelers. 

Still here? Looks like you gonna support us. Next time when you search for destination, like “is Dudhsagar falls open” change it for god sake… 😛 At least for our sake (Both of us). You can type it like “is Dudhsagar falls open Travebrate”. That helps you to reach us easy and us to other travellers. 

Still here? Alisthidira.. (Making us cry?) May be buy us a coffee here