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Travebrate can plan personalized itineraries to India

Experience the Unseen, Unexplored and Unforgettable

Travebrate offers a unique approach to crafting itineraries for tourists in India by aligning their interests with a variety of cultural events and festivals occurring during their visit. Unlike typical travel plans, Travebrate’s personalized itineraries are designed to ensure travelers experience the authentic and vibrant culture of India, often missed by many.

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Specializing in unforgettable personalized itineraries and experiences, not flight or hotel bookings.

Travebrate stands out by offering a refreshing approach to travel. Unlike traditional travel agencies, we don’t sell tickets or book hotels. Instead, we focus on sharing valuable information about tourist destinations and events happening in India. Our goal is to empower travelers with knowledge, enabling them to make informed decisions while exploring the country. By aligning with tourism boards and directly engaging with attraction owners, Travebrate ensures that our answers are unbiased and authentic. Not being driven by commissions, we prioritize your experience over profit. Moreover, we add value to your itinerary by providing insights and recommendations—all this for just $100. Travebrate truly puts the joy of travel back in your hands! 

Exploring the Roots of Indian Mythology: A Journey Through Time

India’s rich tapestry of history weaves in tales and architectural marvels that transcend the well-known wonders like the Taj Mahal or Hawa Mahal. It is a land where mythology breathes alongside history, offering a unique glimpse into a past that intertwines with the spiritual and the divine. The ancient city of Dwaraka serves as a submerged testament to Lord Krishna’s existence, with underwater excavations revealing ruins that many believe corroborate the narratives of sacred texts. Similarly, numerous sites across the nation are believed to validate the legendary epoch of Lord Rama, dating back to 5000 BC. For those seeking to embark on a spiritual odyssey, tracing the paths laid out in Indian scriptures, we offer meticulously crafted itineraries. These journeys are designed to guide you through the hallowed grounds and waters where gods are said to have walked, leaving behind a legacy of faith and wonder for generations to witness.

Embrace India’s Festive Spirit: Your Year-Round Cultural Calendar with Travebrate

At Travebrate, we meticulously track over 300 events throughout India each year, ensuring you don’t miss out on the vibrant Holi celebrations, the bustling Pushkar Camel Fair, the illuminating Dev Deepavali, the spirited Ganapathi Visarjan in Mumbai and Hyderabad, the adrenaline-pumping Jallikattu and Kambala, the thrilling Snake boat race, the enchanting Rann Utsav, the blooming Tulip shows in Kashmir, and the sacred Opening of Chardham. Our dedication extends to monitoring safari zones for seasonal openings, assessing ski parks for recent snowfall and local authority restrictions, verifying the accessibility and flow of waterfalls, and keeping tabs on the operational status of attractions. With Travebrate, embark on a journey that’s not just about destinations, but also about the experiences that make travel truly memorable.

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