What is Travebrate?

Travebrate is an idea initiated to support those travelers who get stranded when they search for information online on travel attractions. We speak about the status of those attractions and answer most of the FAQs that people are asking about those locations in a sentence or two. It is not a blog altogether. These answers do come from tourism boards or owners of those attractions and our USP is these get validated by those firms periodically (Maybe we can say frequently) and not by the fellow travelers.

With billions of websites in the market, sites that inform the current status of these attractions are hardly in digits or are the ones managed by respective governments. We all have come across many situations wrt travel, may it be like, if the said attraction is open for the day, or if something new is happening around the corner that may create a lifetime moment for you.

Not just COVID, which made many attractions shut for a brief period, But there are plenty in the market which shuts for some days every year either due to season, landslides like natural calamities, or some VVIP visits.

How many times do people call the board to know details? 1 in 1000 can be a good number too. We don’t dial, we need it handy. This is done by us. To start with, we have listed some mesmerizing falls, and hidden tourist destinations which had this free information problem.