Why Suffix Travebrate?

Suffix Travebrate is Travebrate initiative to share the latest update on travel attraction when you search like, if tourist attraction is open in Google or any other search engine.  When you search in Google to see if St Mary’s Island is open? You get a review website popped up which nowhere helps you in getting your question answered. Isn’t it? This results in Bad Experience.

Is St Mary's island open now?
Is St Mary’s Island open now?

We @Travebrate would like to improve search experience with respect to travel attractions with the #SuffixTravebrate initiative. Let us search for same query but with Travebrate added at end of your question. i.e. Is St Mary’s Island open now? Travebrate.

Suffix Travebrate results for St Mary's Island Udupi query.
is St Mary’s Island open now? with suffix Travebrate

You got the latest result on your search engine page itself. Isn’t this the experience you deserved?

These questions usually will have answers in a word or couple of sentences, but to the point. Answer could be yes, no or closing on xyz date because of lockdown, or opening post monsoon on 15th October. One of the above should be answer, and no garbage is needed. Travebrate is working on same front and for these questions we have given frequently asked question pattern to let you get better experience.

Why do Search Engines show old data?

Search engine usually pops up mostly visited pages over years. Could be a travel review site like TripAdvisor or travel package sites MakeMyTrip. In order to fight with fake sites or spam results search engine sites like Google, usually pops up official sites of districts or websites owned by tourism department. Although it pops up these official sites, information needed will be no where in picture. Have a look at question, if Ooty is open now?

Is Ooty open for tourists?

You don’t get answer for your query from nilgiris.nic.in. Even then Nilgiris official website popped up. Instead your expected response was somewhere closer to below image.

Is ooty open for tourists? Travebrate

 Taj Mahal too has same issue when user asks such questions.

Pretty much issue is same with other search engines too. While Bing takes good amount of time to reflect our webpages, they give more weightage to accuracy and latest update.

Is St Mary's Island open now?
Travebrate as first result in Bing. #NoFilter 😛

You can see us up there 😊. With #NoFilter.  However, we insist you to suffix with Travebrate because we want to share better experience, right from the search engine screen rather than from the time you login to our webpage and search for your answer.

Well the question remains same in all these cases, but answer keeps changing. With the high frequency of changes in answer, these results cause huge experience losses for millions of search engine users. We are here to resolve this particular problem in travel domain.  We get these answers for you from the attraction owners.  

There with us? Kindly share our post or tweet this page using #SuffixTravebrate so that we can create better experience altogether.