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Kadlekai Parishe dates

When is Kadalekai Parishe in year 2023?

Kadale kai parishe in Basavanagudi of Bengaluru is between 9th December 2023 to 11th December 2023. The prime event is held on 11th December 2023.

Kadlekai/Kadalekai Parishe

Kadalekai parishe is ground nut fair held at heart of Bengaluru near basavana gudi. It is offering of first crop to dodda basava or nandi whose temple is atop the bugle rock. Farmers from various districts of Karnataka comes down to the festival to offer the first ground nut crop followed by fair which is spread across close to a kilometer.

Kadalekai parishe is historical festival which is said to be celebrated from year 1537 till now on last Monday of Karthika maasa. For year 2023 last Monday of Karthika maasa falls on 11th December.

When you are at Basavanagudi, make sure to catch up very famous food outlets like Vidhyarthi Bhavan, Brahmin’s Coffee Bar, Roti Ghar and Kamat Bugle rock.

You can also try a temple run as Basavana gudi houses, Dodda Ganapati, Dodda Basava and Govardhana temple(Puttige Mutt) which are right at the fair location.

If you are a non-kannadiga, try out simple kannada terms like “Anna, Kadle Kaige yeshtu?”(how much does it cost for ground nut?) , “kadimege ilwa?” (cant you reduce the price?).

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