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Status of Indian tourist attractions in April 2024

Famous tourist attractions in India and their availability

Listed here are the status of some other tourist attractions in India, if you are planning for a visit.

What’s Happening in India during Apr-24?

Certainly! Here’s a glimpse of what India has to offer in April 2024:
– Ram Navami Celebrations:
– Ayodhya and Varanasi come alive during Ram Navami, celebrating Lord Rama’s birth. Devotees flock to temples, and the air resonates with hymns and prayers.
– In the southern part of India, Yugadi (also known as Ugadi) marks the New Year. Colorful processions, traditional feasts, and cultural events abound.
– Temple Festivals:
– Down south, numerous temple festivals unfold. These vibrant celebrations feature processions, music, dance, and rituals that connect communities with their spiritual heritage.
– Kambala:
– The last leg of Kambala, the traditional buffalo race, takes place in April. Witness the exhilarating spectacle of buffaloes sprinting through water-filled paddy fields.
– Thrissur Pooram:
– Thrissur Pooram, Kerala’s grand festival, showcases caparisoned elephants, mesmerizing percussion ensembles, and a riot of colors. It’s a sensory feast for visitors.
– Island Retreats:
– St. Mary’s Island near Udupi is a geological wonder with hexagonal basalt columns. Visit before it closes in May due to the monsoon season.
– National Parks and Wildlife:
– Kaziranga National Park in Assam, home to the Great Indian One-horned Rhinoceros, will soon close its doors for the monsoon. Catch a glimpse of wildlife while you can.
– IPL 2024:
– Indian Premier League (IPL) cricket matches are in full swing across India. Experience the fervor, passion, and cricket culture that unites the nation.
– Snowfall Adventures:
– If you crave snow, head to Manali, Kashmir, or Sikkim. These regions offer the last chances to witness snowfall before summer arrives.
-Tulip – Srinagar has tulip flower bulb shows in the initial days of April.
– Tourist Rush:
– Expect bustling tourist spots as schools close for summer holidays. Explore India’s diverse landscapes, from serene hill stations to bustling cities.
– Election Days:
– On election days, some government agencies may temporarily close tourist attractions to prevent misuse of the holiday. Plan accordingly.
April in India is a tapestry of traditions, natural wonders, and cultural festivities waiting to be explored!

Last Validated Date : 30-March-2024

What’s Happening in Kerala during Apr-24?

In Kerala, April 2024 will be a vibrant time for traditional festivals like Theyyams and Poorams. Here are some of the Theyyams happening in April:
Malliyodu Palottu Kavu: 13 to 18 April
Sree Oravankara Bhagavathy Temple: 14 to 17 April
Puzhaathi Sree Pazhaya Parambathu Puthiya Bhagavathy Temple: 16 to 18 April
Paravoor Puliyoor Kaali Temple: 18 to 21 April
Nilayara Bhagavathy Temple: 18 to 21 April
Pinarayi Bali Temple: 20 to 21 April

As for Poorams, one of the most famous, the Thrissur Pooram, is scheduled for 19 April 2024. It’s known for its grand elephant processions, traditional drum concerts, and fireworks. These festivals are a great way to experience the cultural richness of Kerala. Enjoy your visit!

In April 2024, Guruvayur will be celebrating two significant festivals:
Vishu Festival, Vishukani on 14 April 2024.
Sree Rama Navami on 17 April 2024.

These festivals are deeply rooted in the local culture and are celebrated with great enthusiasm. Vishu marks the traditional New Year for Malayali Hindus and is famous for its ritual of Vishukani, where a ceremonial sighting of auspicious items takes place early in the morning. Sree Rama Navami is celebrated to mark the birth of Lord Rama, an avatar of Vishnu, and is observed with various religious events. If you’re planning to visit Guruvayur during this time, it’s a great opportunity to experience these vibrant cultural festivities.

Last Validated Date: 30-Mar-2024

What’s Happening in Shimla during Apr-24?

Last snow fall in Shimla was somewhere in third week of March.
As of the latest information, there are several trains operating to and from Shimla, ensuring connectivity for travelers. Here are some key points:
The Kalka-Shimla Railway, a UNESCO World Heritage site, offers a picturesque journey through the mountains with multiple trains running daily.
The train journey from Kalka to Shimla takes about 5 hours, passing through 102 tunnels and 864 bridges, providing stunning views of the landscape.
For April 2024, remember to book your tickets in advance, as this is the tourist season, to ensure a smooth travel experience.

One can book Vista dome chair car from Kalka to Shimla which is one of the best experience.

Click here to see, how to book Vista dome coach to Shimla?.

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Last Validated Date: 30-Mar-2024

What’s Happening in Manali, Himachal Pradesh during Apr-24?

In April 2024, Manali is a hub of activity with various events and festivals that showcase the rich cultural heritage of Himachal Pradesh. In May there is Hadimba festival or Doongri festival happening between May 18 to May 24.
Traditional Festivals: Celebrations of local festivals with traditional songs, dances, and delicious food.
Adventure Activities: Trekking, paragliding, camping, zorbing, and rope-walking, especially in areas like Solang Valley.
Cultural Experiences: Visiting places like Vashisht Hot Spring, Rohtang Pass, Beas River, and Hadimba Temple.
Rohtang Pass is closed now and expected to open by end of April. Atal Tunnel is open now. Solang Valley is open now. All adventure sports have been started in Manali and Solang Valley.

Last Validated Date: 30-Mar-2024

Planning to visit St. Mary’s Island Udupi? Is St Mary’s Island open now?

Yes, St. Mary’s Island in Udupi is currently open. The island’s visiting hours are from 09:00 AM to 05:00 PM every day. Enjoy your visit if you plan to go! Visit Travebrate’s St Mary’s Island page to get the latest status of the St Mary’s Island. Also Travebrate has great expertise in weaving customized itinerary for your travel to Udupi and Mangalore. For more details on St Mary’s island, Udupi, click here.

Last Validated Date: 30-Mar-2024

What’s Happening in Ladakh during Apr-24?

Experience the vibrant hues of spring at the Apricot Blossom Festival in Ladakh, taking place from the 6th to the 18th of April 2024. This enchanting festival unfolds across various locales, inviting you to immerse yourself in the beauty of blooming apricots. Begin your journey in Kargil with celebrations in Garkone on the 6th, followed by Darchik on the 7th. Mid-month, join the festivities in Chanigond/Shilikchay on the 13th and Karkitchu on the 14th. In Leh, the revelry continues in Hundri on the 11th, Turtuk on the 13th, Lehdo on the 17th, and concludes in Saspol on the 18th. Ladakh Tourism proudly sponsors this cultural fair, and we warmly invite tourists to partake in the festivities. Embrace the spirit of Ladakh as you witness the apricot trees in full bloom, a testament to the region’s natural splendor and cultural richness.
Srinagar to Leh Road is open now. Zojila pass is open for tourists.

Siachen is open for tourists without any permit needed.

Last Validated Date: 30-Mar-2024

What’s Happening in Shillong or Meghalaya during Apr-24?”

Shillong in April 2024 is expected to be a delightful destination for tourists. Known as the “Scotland of the East,” Shillong offers a blend of natural beauty, cultural richness, and pleasant weather. Here’s what you can expect:
Pleasant Climate: April is part of the pre-monsoon season, so you can enjoy mild and comfortable weather, perfect for outdoor activities.
Natural Beauty: Explore the famous Umiam Lake, Elephant Falls, and the panoramic views from Shillong Peak.
Cultural Events: The city’s vibrant cultural scene often includes music festivals and local celebrations, providing a glimpse into the traditions of the Khasi people.

Last Validated Date: 30-Mar-2024

What’s Happening in Bangalore during Apr-24?

Nandi hills is open between 6 AM to 6 PM. Parking is limited to 300 cars, hence on weekends you may need to wait till other vehicle clears the space. There are trains to the base of Nandi hills, which you can opt for considering the sustainability goals.
April 2024 in Bengaluru is set to be a month brimming with cultural vibrancy and natural wonders. The city will host the Karaga Festival from the 15th to the 23rd, a spectacle of devotion and tradition that will take over the heart of the city. Meanwhile, Bannerghatta National Park, a haven for wildlife enthusiasts, will observe its weekly closure every Tuesday. This April, the park is abuzz with new life; a fox has welcomed three cubs, a wolf has introduced four playful cubs, and two Nilgai have each given birth to twins. Additionally, the bison in the safari have also calved, adding to the park’s allure with an abundance of young wildlife. Visitors should note that on April 19th, there is a possibility that the zoo or park may close in light of the Lok Sabha elections in Bengaluru, a measure considered to encourage higher voter turnout and prevent the misuse of the holiday. It’s advisable to stay updated with local announcements to plan your visit accordingly.

Last Validated Date: 30-Mar-2024

Planning to visit Lord Balaji Temple in Tirumala Tirupati? What’s Happening in Tirupati during Apr-24?

April 2024 will be a festive period in Tirumala with a lineup of celebrations, including the Annamacharya Vardhanthi on the 4th, Ugadi on the 9th, Matsya Jayanti on the 11th, the Tamil New Year on the 14th, Sri Rama Navami on the 17th, and the Tirumala Srivari Vasanthotsavam from the 21st to the 23rd. Due to the ongoing summer vacations in the surrounding regions, visitors should be prepared for extended wait times. The special entry darshan tickets priced at Rs 300 were fully booked by the end of January. In light of the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, the issuance of VIP passes has been temporarily suspended. Typically, the darshan for those holding the Rs 300 ticket is expected to take about five hours.

Last Validated Date: 30-Mar-2024

Is Shirdi temple open now?

Shirdi is open for devotees now.

Starting from February, a new Vande Bharath train has been introduced between Mumbai and Shirdi. Train starts from Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminal at 6:20 AM and reaches destination at 11:40 AM. In the evening, if the train starts at 5:20 PM then reaches Mumbai by 10:50 PM. Cost for AC Chair car towards one side journey is 975 INR.

Last Validated Date: 30-Mar-2024

Planning to visit Taj Mahal? What’s Happening in Agra during Apr-24?

Taj Mahal is open for tourists now. Night viewing is permitted for tourists through out the year 2 days before and 2 days after full moon.

Taj Mahal is open for tourists now except for Fridays. Night viewing is permitted for tourists through out the year 2 days before and 2 days after full moon.
Now you can book Night viewing tickets to Taj through online. You can buy online ticket for night viewing here. Earlier, one was supposed to visit ASI office in Taj Mahal a day before the night visit in order to procure the tickets. The current step has removed the need of extra night stay. At present it costs 510 INR per person to enter the Taj Mahal premises over night, for 30 minutes. The slots are between 8 PM to 12 AM.

Last Validated Date: 30-Mar-2024

Planning to visit Bandipur, Karnataka? Is Bandipur open for tourists?

Bandipur Safari is open for tourists now. March to May is best time to visit Bandipur. Recently Bandipur Authorities has increased safari and entry charges to 300 INR each.

Last Validated Date: 30-Mar-2024

Is Ooty open for tourists? What’s Happening in Nilgiris during Apr-24?

Rose Garden in Ooty is known for its extensive collection of roses, and April falls within the peak blooming season, which typically lasts from March to June1. During this time, visitors can enjoy the vibrant colors and fragrances of the roses in full bloom. Additionally, the pleasant weather in Ooty during April enhances the overall experience of exploring the garden. Enjoy your visit to this horticultural haven!

There are special toy train services added for the Ooty region in April 2024. The Southern Railway Salem Division has introduced these services to cater to the influx of tourists, especially international visitors, during the summer season. The toy train will operate between Mettupalayam-Ooty-Coonoor on Fridays and Sundays, and between Ooty-Mettupalayam on Saturdays and Sundays, from March 29 to July 1. This initiative aims to enhance the tourism experience in the Nilgiris, offering a unique journey through the scenic landscapes and misty hills.

Last Validated Date: 30-Mar-2024

Planning to visit Kodagu or Coorg or Madikeri? Is Coorg open for tourists now? What’s Happening in Madikeri during Apr-24?

Kodagu (also known as Coorg) is all set to welcome tourists. Don’t miss out on Dubare, where you can witness elephants getting ready for their baths. The glass bridge on the Bagamandala road is a new addition. Keep in mind that the election is scheduled for April 19th, so some attractions may be closed on that day. Additionally, due to summer, expect increased crowds at tourist spots.

Coorg has LokSabha elections on April 19th. As part of regulations, travelers are not supposed to carry more than 50000 INR in cash, without the necessary supporting documents.

Last Validated Date: 30-Mar-2024


Planning to visit Chickmagalur? Is Chickmagalur open for tourists now?

Horanadu Temple Fest: The annual temple fest in Horanadu takes place in March. Devotees gather to celebrate this auspicious occasion.
Sringeri Temple Fest: In February, the annual temple fest at Sringeri attracts pilgrims and devotees who participate in various rituals and festivities.
Baba Budan Giri Urs: This event occurs during the last week of March. It is a significant religious gathering on Baba Budan Giri hill.
Tourist Rush: Due to the summer holiday season, Chikmagaluru experiences an influx of tourists.
Mullayana Giri: On weekends, Mullayana Giri, the highest peak in Karnataka, also sees a considerable number of visitors.

Last Validated Date:30-Mar-2024

Is Hogenakkal open for tourists now? What’s Happening in Hogenakkal, Dharmapuri during Apr-24??

Hogenakkal water falls is open for tourists now, However, expect low flow of water. If you are travelling from Bengaluru, refer to travel guide here.

In Hogenakkal during April 2024, you can expect the following:
Weather: April is warm and sunny, with temperatures ranging from 37°C to 22°C. It’s neither too hot nor too cold, making it a pleasant time to visit.
Waterfalls: The Hogenakkal Falls are a major attraction. However, due to minimal water flow during summer, some smaller waterfalls may be dry. In March it had a better waterflow considering water releases from dams.

Last Validated Date: 30-Mar-2024

Planning to visit Guruvayur Temple? Is It Good Time to Visit Guruvayur?

Guruvayuru Temple is open for devotees now.

Dress Code for Guruvayur is Dhoti and Angavastram for Male and Saree or Chudidhar or Half saree for Female.

Last Validated Date: 30-Mar-2024

Is Kaziranga open today? What’s Happening in Kaziranga National Park, Assam during Apr-24??

In Kaziranga National Park during April 2024, you can anticipate the following:
Weather: Expect daytime maximum temperatures around 30°C with approximately 7 hours of sunshine per day. The park experiences a good amount of drizzle, creating a fresh green canopy.
Wildlife: Kaziranga is home to the Great Indian One-horned Rhinoceros, Wild Asiatic Water Buffalo, and other species. Keep an eye out for these magnificent creatures during your safaris.
Monsoon Closure: April is the last opportunity for safaris before the park closes from May to October due to the monsoon season.
Rare Golden Tiger in Kaziranga National Park: Recently, a rare golden tiger was spotted in Kaziranga National Park, Assam. This captivating creature adds to the park’s diverse fauna. Only around 30 such Golden Tigers exist worldwide, with 4 to 5 of them residing in India, one of which was witnessed in Kaziranga.
Birdwatcher’s Paradise: Kaziranga hosts an impressive 478 species of birds, both migratory and resident. Among them are the great Indian hornbill, Bengal florican, Indian roller, white-throated kingfisher, and the colorful Baya weaver. Bird enthusiasts will find Kaziranga a true paradise for avian sightings.
Big Five Animals of Kaziranga:
One-Horned Rhinoceros: Home to 2,048 of these majestic creatures, Kaziranga boasts the largest population in the world.
Indian Elephant: With 1,940 individuals, the park hosts a significant elephant population.
Bengal Tiger: Kaziranga has one of the highest tiger densities globally, with 83 of these magnificent cats.
Wild Water Buffalo: The park harbors the largest population of wild water buffalo globally, totaling 1,666.
Swamp Deer (Barasingha): Although rare, Kaziranga is home to 468 of these elegant deer.
Kaziranga’s rich biodiversity and unique sightings make it a must-visit for wildlife enthusiasts!

Now Kaziranaga is not just Kohora and Bagori. One can enjoy Dolphin watching in Brahmaputra at Bhomoraguri. In the reach of 90 KMs there is Biswanath ghat, which is awarded as best tourism village.

One can book ticket for safari only through official link here.

Park will usually close on 1st of may and open on mid of October or early November every year.

Last Validated Date: 30-Mar-2024

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