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Kambala – The buffalo race

Kambala race is annual buffalo race held in costal Karnataka every year. While most of these race falls in Avibhajitha Dakshina Kannada (Mangalore and Udupi), there are one or two race that happens in Kerala too.

Buffaloes are raced in pair, held together with ploughs and ropes. These buffaloes are grown with the intention of racing. Supreme court of India has specified regulations, so that these buffaloes are unharmed.

Kambala has 6 categories.

1 and 2. Negilu Hiriya and Negilu Kiriya(Plough): This introductory category for buffalo races uses lighter ploughs to tie the animals together. Think of it as a gentle start for young buffaloes! In Tulu it is Naayer malla and elliya.

3 and 4. Hagga (Rope) Hiriya and Hagga Kiriya: Jockeys hold on tight as they race their buffaloes side-by-side, connected only by a simple rope. No fancy saddles here, just pure grit and determination! In Tulu it is Balluda malla and elliya.

5. Adda Halage (Standing on Plank): In this exciting twist, the jockeys don’t chase after the buffaloes – they stand on a horizontal plank that the animals drag through the mud! It’s a test of balance and bravery as the buffaloes pull the plank, and the higher the water splashes from the track, the better! In Tulu it is Adda palai.

6. Kane Halage (Splashing Plank): This unique category features a wooden plank with holes attached to the buffaloes. As the animals race through the mud, water gushes out of the holes, creating a spectacular water show. The jockey who gets the highest splash wins the race! In Tulu it is Kane palai. The height expected in the race would be to 6.5 feet to 7.5 feet.

Kambala race has been the center of attraction for photographers and tourists, on their visit to Mangalore or Udupi. Here Travebrate has listed out the upcoming Kambala events in Dakshina Kannada for the year of 2023 and 2024.

Kambala Dates
Kambala dates for year 2023 and 2024 in Mangalore, Udupi and Kasaragod

Kambala Dates

18 November, 2023Kakyapadavu, Bantwala, Mangalore
25 November, 2023Palace Grounds, Bengaluru
2 December, 2023Moodubidire, Mangalore
9 December, 2023Baaradi beedu, Karkala, Udupi
17 December, 2023Naringana , Bantwala(Near Deralakatte)
24 December, 2023Mulki Arasu, Mangalore
30 December, 2023Mangalore Bangrakooluru
6 January, 2024Miyaru, Karkala, Udupi
7 January, 2024Ballamanja
13 January, 2024Hokkadigoli, near Venoor, Mangalore
20 January, 2024Adve Nandikooru, Padubidri, Udupi
27 January, 2024Putturu, Mangalore
3 February, 2024Aikala, Kinnigoli, Mangalore
10 February, 2024Jeppu(Jeppina Mogaru), Mangalore
17 February, 2024Vamanjoor, Mangalore
24 February, 2024Katapadi, Udupi
2 March, 2024Bantwala, Mangalore
9 March, 2024Bangadi, Belthangady, Mangalore
16 March, 2024Hokkadigoli Kambala (2 places) in Baantwala
23 March, 2024Venoor, Karkala, Udupi
30 March, 2024Ubar Kambala, Uppinangadi, Mangalore
6 April, 2024Panapila, Mangalore (Near Karkala)
13 April, 2024Balkunje, Mangalore
20 April, 2024Gurupura, Mangalore
Kambala Dates for 2023 and 2024

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